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Connecting production ready designers with a community of approved manufacturers.

Solving a Problem

Designers cannot always find a manufacturer to produce their innovative ideas. Manufacturers are not always operating at peak efficiency. Enter Elihuu. Elihuu connects designers and manufacturers, turning ideas into tangible products.

Building a Community

The rise of custom manufacturing has allowed the re-birth of specialized manufacturing facilities in the urban core.

How We Fit Into the Production Lifecycle

Elihuu supports a product through its lifecycle by making connections. Elihuu will connect a project to a community of engineers, designers, CAD specialists, and production run experts. Then, Elihuu will aid in the next step by connecting the designer to the best manufacturer for the job.

For Designers

Elihuu understands the ecosystem of product. Manage your product details with one single application. We are the simple and seamless solution for getting product onto shelves.

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For Manufacturers

Elihuu is about building tools that will simplify your day-to-day business, bring in new clients, and maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Turn on your machines and be the manufacturer that makes products.

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Made in Chicago

Made In Chicago’s partnership with Elihuu is enabling Chicagoland designers, engineers, and manufacturers to connect within the city and state.

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